Where you find High-quality Marvel Goods in Akihabara


Marvel franchise has staid popular around the world for decades, and Japan is not an exception. We found two large stores in Akihabara wich an excellent selection of Marvel goods.





KOTOBUKIYA is a hobby store chain known for its selection of anime, comic, and game goods. They carry character goods, plastic models, figures, magazines, gacha pons, and a lot more.

Its head store is located in a large green building just a 3-minute-walk from Akihabara Electric Town Exit.




Marvel goods are on the first floor.



A big portion of their Marvel goods are figures and toys. They have everything from intricate, high-quality items to fun toys for the youngest fans.


KOTOBUKIYA also sells products featuring Nintendo characters from games like Super Mario, Kirby, Pokemon, Zelda, and popular anime series, such as DragonBall, One Piece, Naruto, to name a few. The second floor mainly carries products featuring adorable girls from shojo anime and manga.  

And on the third floor, they have plastic models and all tools necessary for assembling.

KOTOBUKIYA has something for everybody, no matter the age or sex. It is great for families and large groups.




Okajima Bldg., 1-8-8, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan


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Yodobashi Camera Akiba




Yodobashi Camera is a leading electronics chain in Japan. It is often featured in Akihabara guidebooks as it is considered an important landmark in Akihabara.




On the sixth floor, it carries toys, bicycles, movies, and games. Here is where you will find the Marvel corner. It is similar to a lineup in hobby stores since it has a lot of figures, toys, backpacks, and T-shirts, but in much larger quantities. 



At the entrance, human-size Ironman is welcoming the customers. This is a great spot for taking pictures, especially since you can see all kinds of Marvel products in the background. 



It is rare to see such a quite large corner dedicated to only one franchise so it is likely they have some rare gems and full sets of collectible items.




Yodobashi Akiba Bldg, 1-1, Hanaokacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0028

  • One minute from JR Akihabara station


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