Shopping For Clothes in Akihabara The Electric City – Yodobashi Akiba Has it All



One of the symbols of Akihabara is Yodobashi Akiba – a branch of a large electronics retail store Yodobashi Camera. However, hidden among the newest technology, there is a decently sized fashion floor.




Yodobashi Akiba is close to JR Akihabara, Tsukuba express and Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Akihabara station. The electronics are sold on 1F~6F and 7th floor has a few clothing stores.



Opposite from a very lively atmosphere of Yodobashi Camera, 7th floor is a more relaxed space where you can take your time and enjoy your shopping.



There are men and women stores selling jeans, bags, wallets, watches, glasses, sunglasses, etc.

When you need a short break from shopping, you can visit STORY CAFÉ located on the same floor.


Shop List



  • THE SUIT COMPANY: men`s, ladies fashion
  • GLOBAL WORK: men`s, women`s, kid`s fashion
  • ABC-MART Mega Stage: shoes
  • Yurindo/STORY CAFE: Books&Cafe
  • REGAL SHOES: shoes
  • RAGEBLUE: men`s fashion
  • JINS: glasses・sunglasses
  • NAUGHTIAM: wallets・bags・watches
  • ikka LOUNGE: men`s・ladies fashion
  • GRAN SAC’S: bags・wallets
  • Quick Garage: Apple repair service
  • Kinki Nihon Tourist: travel agency
  • Eyecity: contact lenses
  • Tower Record: CD/DVD
  • Ogawa Gankain: ophthalmology


Yodobashi Camera carries a large selection of electronics on1F~6F and 7F has enough stores to fill in the gaps for a great shopping experience. There is even a nice café for a short break. It is a perfect place for an afternoon in Akihabara.


Business hours:






1-1, Kandahanaokacho, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo, 101-0028, Japan