No Pokemon Center in Akihabara? Kotobukiya and Ranshinran are Even Better!


Pokemon is one of the most beloved anime and fame franchises. It has enough fans to have its own store chain with branches all around Japan. Unfortunately, there isn’t one in Akihabara but there are stores which Pokemon goods selection is more than comparable to them. KOTOBUKIYA Akihabara and Rashinban Akihabara Kan are the best places to buy Pokemon-related goods in the Electric town.



KOTOBUKIYA Akihabara Kan




KOTOBUKIYA is a hobby shop that sells character goods, such as plastic models, figurines, Akihabara souvenirs and gacha gacha.

The easy to spot, green building is only 3 minutes from Electric Town exit.



Customers who visit hobby shops in Akihabara are mostly men which makes it a bit awkward for a lone woman or a family to shop there. Especially since most have really narrow passes between shelves.

Nonetheless, KOTOBUKIYA is a spacious store with enough space and privacy even for big groups.



1F has characters from all the popular animes and games including Pokemon, Mario, Kirby, Ghibli and Dragon ball. 





Here is the Pokemon corner.

There are adorable cutlery, stationery, stuffed dolls, candies and much more.





While you can find similar stuffed dolls in bigger malls, it is more difficult to find everyday products and dishware featuring Pokemon characters.

KOTOBUKIYA is also a favorite place to buy Pokemon goods even among Japanese people. Even in Japan, it can be surprisingly challenging to find a bigger selection of anime-inspired everyday items.




Okashima Bld., 1-8-8, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan

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Rashinban Akihabara


Rashinban carries used DVDs and anime goods.

Here is the Pokemon corner.



 It is a bit smaller than the one in KOTOBUKIYA but it still has a good selection of stuffed dolls and figurines.

It even sells mystery bags at low prices. Most bags are themed and have goods from one particular anime or game series. Since Pokemon has been retained its popularity for so many years, you can often find Pokemon themed mystery bags.




Sotokanda, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo To, 101-0021, Japan


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4 minutes from Electric Town exit of Akihabara station


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