Sailor Moon Goods for Fans of All Ages at KOTOBUKIYA Akihabara Kan




Sailor Moon is a Japanese shōjo manga and anime series. It follows the adventures of middle school students who have the power to transform into Sailor Soldiers. They go through their everyday lives as they defend Earth against an assortment of villains.

The series was primarily aimed at kids but many adults enjoy it as well. Even though anime aired in the 90s, it is still popular worldwide and products featuring the characters are sought after in Japan. 

In this article, we will introduce a hoppy shop KOTOBUKIYA that has a variety of Sailor Moon products.

KOTOBUKIYA Akihabara Kan carries character goods, figures, magazines, souvenirs, gacha pon and, etc. It is located in a large, green building less than 3 minutes from Akihabara station.



You will easily recognize it by a lovely security guy left from the entrance that is welcoming the customers.

Hobby shops in Japan are usually narrow, crowded with passionate fans which can make tourists hesitate to enter. Luckily, KOTOBUKIYA is a spacious, bright store with plenty of space for big groups and families with kids.

And certainly, many families were visiting the store when we visited. 

Sailor Moon goods are on the second floor.



This is the Sailor Moon corner. It has figures, stuffed dolls, key holders, phone cases and a lot more for fans of every age.



The figures on the picture are from the series Figuarts mini popular for its intricacy and great quality. They have all 5 main Sailor Soldiers so you can get a full set here.

On the first floor, there are more products featuring characters from Nintendo games, Ghibli movies, Marvel and anime series, such as One Piece and DragonBall.


Here is the Pokemon Corner.






Mario has his corner as well.




Recently popular among kids, Splatoon has one, too.



Here are Marvel goods.




And here is a glimpse at their selection of Ghibli products.



The second floor is mainly for anime aimed at girls that feature adorable girls, just like Sailor Moon.



On the third floor, there is a wide variety of plastic models. They even sell tools for assembling. If you are a newbie, here you can find everything you may need.

KOTOBUKIYA mainly carries goods related to popular franchises but they do change their inventory regularly so it is still fun to visit more than a few times. On the other side, this means that the goods you saw there on your first visit may not be available next time.


Floor Guide


KOTOBUYKIYA consists of two main parts: shopping space (1~3F) and space for events (4~5F)

  • 1F: anime, manga and game goods, imported goods
  • 2F: anime goods
  • 3F: plastic models, figures, cases, tools
  • 4F: small event space
  • 5F: KOTOBUKIYA BASE, Akiba event space




Okajima Bldg., 1-8-8, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan


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