Closest Subway Stations to Akihabara


Hundreds of tourists from around the globe visit Akihabara every day. It is a highly popular sightseeing spot that is easily accessible from all major Tokyo districts as many trains stop here, which is normally a big plus. However, it is easy to get lost at this enormous station trying to find the right train.





There are three subway stations near JR Akihabara – the largest station in Akihabara: Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Akihabara, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Suehirocho, and Toei Shinjuku Iwamotocho Station. Suehirocho is east and Iwamoto Station north from JR Akihabara Station but the closest is Hibiya Akihabara. 





This line, marked with a large, grey “H” sign, runs between Naka-Meguro and Kita-Senju.
It is important to remember that subway stops on a different platform from JR Akihabara trains. On the map, it looks like they are located at the same place but the platforms are far apart, so be careful not to get lost.



These are the exits of Hibiya station. 1, 2, and 3 are the closest to JR Akihabara. Exit 3 also leads to one of Akihabara’s famous landmarks – Yodobashi Multimedia Akiba.



To get to Iwamotocho, use exit 4 or 5. The latter also leads to the Electric Town.



Yellow signboards that have clear directions in Japanese and English.




Transfer information

This sign shows which train cars are closest to exits for each station. 

Exits 1, 2, and 3 of Akihabara station are the closest to Yodobashi Camera, JR Akihabara, and Tsukuba Express Station. Car 7 is the nearest to the Electric Town exit and Toei Akihabara Station.



This direction board has all the important buildings and exits.



Here is a map of the station with a marked current position and all exits.




And here are the directions for the bus station (exit 2 and 3) and taxi (exit 3 and 5).


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