Meet your Favorite Voice Actor in Gamers Akihabara Main Store




Gamers is a hobby shop that carries anime, books, character goods, and games.

Its Akihabara store – Games Akihabara Main Store – is one of the leading anime and game stores in this anime town. What makes it stand up is an extensive lineup and good access from Akihabara station. It is just a minute walk from Electric Town Exit.

The yellow and orange building is easy to spot among simple, grey buildings. If you look closely, you can see the newest books and goods through the door.


On the 1st floor, you can check information about new releases and impending events and get to know current “Akihabara”. Also, there is an Akihabara souvenir lineup which is rare for hobby shops.

Gamers has a number of events and pop-up stores that make the store seem everchanging and fresh no matter how many times you visit. There are fun events featuring voice actors and artists, and seasonal corners dedicated to currently popular anime and game series.



If you are curious about current anime and game trends, maybe even meet a voice actor or artist, Gamers Akihabara Main Store is the perfect place to start.


Floor Guide



1F: new magazines and books, featured products

2F: books

3F: character goods

4F: audio・visual・game software

5F: voice actors・artists

6F: event floor

7F: museum space


Business hours


1F・2F: 10:00~22:00

3F~7F: 10:00~21:00




Takarada Bld., 1-14-7, Kandasakuma-cho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 101-0025, Japan