We introduce you a Kyoto Style Netcafé in Akihabara!


Experience Kyoto in Tokyo!


We introduce you a Net Café – an enjoyable place for those who want to spend all day reading manga or surfing the internet. It is also one of curious Japanese tourist spots for foreign visitors. Net cafes are still evolving and recently you can find net cafes with karaoke or even a hot spring.

There are a lot of these cafes in Akihabara. This time we will introduce you a Japanese style café, designed to resemble a Kyoto ryokan (Japanese traditional inn). 


Kyoto style ryokan in Akihabara?


Wa Style Café AKIBA is a bit far from the station, located at the intersection of the main street and Kuramaeashi street. However, over 6000 customers go through it every month.

It may not look special from the outside since it is in the basement of a building but, as soon as you enter the store you can feel the Kyoto atmosphere. You will feel like you are visiting Kyoto even though you are in the electric town Akihabara.

When you open the massive door, you will see the interior entirely made with the image of Kyoto ryokan. It is decorated with Japanese paper umbrellas and water jars to create that traditional relaxing atmosphere. Even the female clerk’s clothes are adorable.

They have a great 100jpy menu!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nagomistylecafe/status/887732128363847680

The prices here are surprisingly low. Especially the food. However, there is a huge selection of 100jpy dishes. The salarymen (company employees) working close by are probably using this net café during their lunchtime. 

The staff working here are members of a group Chayamusume that mainly performs in Akihabara. Many customers come in order to meet them.

It is not rare even for women to stay there alone because Wa Style Café AKIBA is extremely safe.


8 different types of rooms!


Twitter: https://twitter.com/nagomistylecafe/status/887648442629013505

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nagomistylecafe/status/887598120728576000

There are 53 rooms total. They offer 8 different types of rooms like reclining chair or sofa single rooms and rooms that can accommodate big groups. It is a perfect place for those who don’t have the time or money to visit Kyoto but, still want to experience a Japanese Inn. 

The charging system is easy to understand. If you want to save some money, the packages that include a certain number of hours are the best choice. There is also a morning and lunch plan on weekdays, shower plan where you can use the shower without booking a room and much more. Since you can choose from so many options it is a perfect place for those who experience Japanese net cafe.

You will hardly get a chance to sleep on a futon even if you visit Japan. Why don’t you try out this net café in Akihabara, where you can relax in Japanese traditional atmosphere. 


Wa Style Café Akiba

6-14-2 Sakaisuehiro Bdg. basement, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan


Business hours: 24h

Official site: https://nagomi-cafe.com