We went to a ¥100 shop called CAN DO AKIHABARA


There are only a few ¥100 stores in Akihabara. Since CAN DO Akihabara Main street closed in September 2014 and The Daiso Laox Akihabara closed in September 2015, there were no big shops left. However, in July 2017 a new store opened to the delight to all those who were looking for ¥100 products in Akihabara.

We paid a visit to Can Do Akihabara. 


Just look for Junk Street!

The store is located in so-called Junk Street in Electric town, Akihabara. It is close to Karenoshiminaruba and Toei Land. Before it opened, the place was owned by ORANGE Tokyo. CAN DO Akihabara opens at 9 am and closes at 21 pm, which means they are open throughout the whole day. During its business hours, it is always busy and crowded with people who cherish this rare ¥100 shop in Akihabara. 


A lot of foreign customers!

Even though it is a relatively new store, everyone seems to be familiar with it because its space was used by Tokyo OGANGE before. We went there expecting to find many locals, businessmen, and otakus but, we were surprised to see that most of the customers were foreigners!


A little about popular products!


Here you can find many traveling goods for ¥100. Also, on hot summer days, you can buy bottled drinks for ¥100 that convenience stores sell for more than 140jpy. 

Since the store is in Akihabara, there are many anime and manga-inspired accessories, character and cute goods. Seals, masking tapes, and nail polishes are always the top-selling items but, there are many cute amusing products you should definitely check out. 

They also have many phone and camera kits that can be useful when traveling. Of course, you can use the products while you are in Japan but, you can also buy a variety of souvenirs. 

Insta_URL: https://www.instagram.com/p/BXCrsDhlfYK/?tagged=キャンドゥ

Insta_URL: https://www.instagram.com/p/BXCi-nCjxcS/?tagged=キャンドゥ

InstaURL: https://www.instagram.com/p/BXAbqA2lOJ8/?tagged=キャンドゥ


CAN DO Akihabara has an excellent reputation!


CAN DO Akihabara is highly praised for its kind and easily approachable staff. They politely offer help and support to customers. CAN DO regularly posts on Twitter about its new products. It could be fun to check out their Twitter before visiting the store. 

CAN DO regularly posts on Twitter about its new products. It could be fun to check out their Twitter before visiting the store. 


A precious 100jpy store in Akihabara!


CAN DO Akihabara presence is so precious in Akihabara where, while there are many convenience stores, you can rarely find a ¥100 shop. Here you can buy everything ranging from drinks, sweets and daily necessities to affordable souvenirs. 


CAN DO Akihabara

3-3-10, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan

Business hours: 10:00-21:00

Official site: http://www.cando-web.co.jp/shopinfo/shop-2656.html