This Akihabara Shop Has a Watch for Everyone

No matter the ever-changing fashion, watches have always been getting a lot of attention. 

Many of us have our favorite one which we cherish for year. 

Watches worth thousands of dollars are highly functional and beautiful to look at. However, they are also easy to lose during a trip. That is why we suggest you find yourself a nice inexpensive watch with features you may need during your stay abroad.


Japanese watches

It goes without saying that reliable Japanese brands are the best selling here. There are even watches specially produced to fit foreign tourists’ needs.


Where can you buy watches in Akihabara?

For example, Citizen and Casio radio watches can be used all around the world. Also, Seiko decorates their products with Japanese traditional lacquer technique which can be a perfect souvenir.

The easiest way to get one is to visit an electric appliance store or a second-hand shop.


Big Camera offers the biggest selection


We have already mentioned in previous articles how huge the inventory is. As always, our number one choice is Big Camera Akiba that recently opened in the building where Softmap used to be.

It stretches over seven floors. The first floor used to sell smartphones, mobile phones, and studio cameras. However, it was recently rearranged into a drug/homeware/liquor store targeted towards foreigners.

They also introduced a bitcoin payment system which perfectly fits the image of Akihabara – the city of technology.


Watch corner


If you pass the first floor where daily necessities and alcohol are sold, you will get to the huge second floor which features a watch corner. Here, watches from different brands are showcased in a line ranging from affordable to extremely expensive ones.

Showcases are neatly lined according to the brand and price.

This is Casio corner where we found G-SHOCK models popular worldwide.

They have an outstandingly durable, affordable design that comes in numerous variations. These watches are one of the reasons Casio enjoys enduring popularity in Japan.

Of course, there are also watch shops worth visiting but we recommend you first give Big Camera a try.




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