Foreign friendly tax-free store – LAOX Akihabara!



LAOX is a general tax-free retail with diverse tax-free stores all over Japan. The largest one in Tokyo is the main store in Akihabara which is very popular among foreign visitors.

Since they offer services in many languages, they can answer all your questions about LAOX or Akihabara. 

You can use one of their foreign exchange machines to exchange dollar, euro, Chinese yuan, Thai Baht, Korean won, Australian dollar, Taiwan dollar, and Hong Kong dollar. 

Since there are so many tourists here, it is foreigner friendly which means that you don’t have to speak Japanese to enjoy your shopping.


Where is LAOX?

LAOX Akihabara is across the street from the Electric Town gate. Just 2 minutes away from the station. 

This is the signboard in front of the store.


The floor guide

1,2F – cosmetics

3F – home appliances

4F– games and Hello Kitty goods

5F – clocks and accessories

6F – medicine and sports goods 

7F – brand items


There are many useful services available on each floor.


We actually went there! 

We were overwhelmed by the number of visitor going in and out the store.

There is an information center on the left. You can head there in case you have any questions. 

If you climb the escalators, you can see many different products, such as cosmetics, home appliances games, Hello Kitty goods etc. It is a great place for shopping! No wonder there are so many customers! 


LAOX Akihabara Main Shop

Business hours: 9:00~19:00

Official site: