High-spec Computers at Surprisingly Low Prices at Mouse computer Akihabara Direct Shop



Mouse computer Akihabara Direct shop carries BTO PCs and computer peripherals.

It is a bright yellow store three minutes from The Electric Exit of Akihabara station.

After you choose a computer from a variety of desktop PCs, laptops, gaming, and creator computers, you can customize it according to your intended use, and order an upgraded version that suits your needs. 


Yodobashi Camera also has a collection of Mouse computers. It is a better choice for regular buyers because of its points system. With each purchase, you get a number of points which you can use for your next purchase.

For example, if you buy a ¥100000 PC, you will get 10% worth of points – 1000 points – which you can use at any Yodobashi Camera shops (1 point = ¥1).

However, the selection is quite small compared to Mouse Computer Akihabara Direct which is still a better choice if you are looking for certain specifications and upgrades.


Mouse Computers has Great models at great prices 



There are many products you can get at the store right away, too.


Price examples of esktop comuters


LM-AR410BD2-EX3 [Windows 10]: ¥69,900+tax

LM-iH700SD3-EX2 [Windows 10]: ¥74,900+tax

LM-iHS410XD3-EX4 [Windows 10]: ¥109,900+tax


Price examples of laptops


MB11ESV: ¥34,800

MB-B507B-EX2[Windows 10]: ¥79,900

m-Book G570SN-M2SH2 [ Windows 10 ]: ¥106,800

Mouse Computer Akihabara Direct shop is a fairly new store opened in 2006. However, it is quickly gaining popularity for its low prices of high-spec computers.  


Business hours



(No holidays except for the New Year)




1-2-4, Sotokanda, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo To, 101-0021, Japan