Huge Anime Exhibitions and Collaboration Café at Tokyo Anime Center


Tokyo Anime Center is built to be the new center for Japanese anime. Even though Akihabara is an obvious guess for where it may be located, it is actually in Ichigaya.

If it is placed in a district that is not related to anime culture, what kind of facility is it?



It is on the B1F of DNP Plaza, merely a five-minute walk from Ichigaya station. Exit the station out of exit 1 and you will see a big bridge on your left. DNP is a large building easily visible once you climb it.

DNP is an arbitration of the name of a large printing company that is in charge of printing and media advertisements for Cool Japan – a PR strategy, the goals of which are to promote creativity-based industries in Japan and overseas.

As a part of it, DNP Plaza invited Tokyo Anime Center to its facility. Until 2017, it was oocated in Akihabara.



At the entrance to the building, there is are information posters about Tokyo Anime Center and current exhibitions.



Tokyo Anime Center is on B1F.



Right from the entrance, you can see the stairs leading to the exhibition hall in the basement.



Exhibitions change regularly. However, you can check online about current and upcoming exhibitions and grab the tickets in advance.

The exhibition hosted at the time we visited, was THE KING OF PRISM.




There is a spacious café on the 1F where you can buy books, snacks and candy. It is a collaboration café that changes its theme with every exhibition.

Many exhibitions give out lucky bags to visitors with random character goods inside. However, if you don’t like the character you got, you can exchange it at the café. Not at the register but with other visitors. There is even a board where you can write which character goods you are hoping to find. It is also a fun way to make new friends.




Beside that, the menu is quite reasonably placed and quiet. 



Tokyo Anime Center is a relaxing place to spend your afternoon away from the crowd of ever-busy Akihabara.


Tokyo Anime Center in DNP PLAZA


1-14-1, Ichigayatamachi, Shinjuku Ku, Tokyo To, 162-0843, Japan B1F

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