Who Knows When You May Need a Post Office

You can go here to withdraw money, send a letter or package.

It is quite difficult to find a post office in the vicinity of Akihabara station, so we made a list of all post offices in the vicinity of Akihabara.


UDX Right next to the Electric Town exit 

 UXD is an office complex left of the Electric Town exit. 

Aside from restaurants and information center, there is also a post office. Also, here you can find a clinic and pharmacy, too!


The closest Post office to Akihabara station


The entrance to the first floor is just across the station square.

Before it opened, there were no post offices close to the station. It is very convenient for those not too familiar with the city. 

There are postal, saving and insurance services and even an ATM. 


A bit farther from the station

Iwamoto-cho station is only 10 minutes walk from Akihabara station. Here you can find Iwamoto-cho post office.

Also, if you exit the station using the Electric Town gate, you will see Shohei Bridge across the main street. On the other side of the bridge, there is Kanda Post Office. It will take you about 5minutes to reach it. 

Even though UDX is the closest option, we wanted to introduce you two more in case you need to withdraw some money while you are visiting a tourist attraction in a different direction.


UDX Akihabara

4 Chome-14-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0021

Official site: http://udx.jp/