The Fastest Route from Roppongi to Akihabara with Detailed Instructions 


Akihabara and Roppongi are popular tourist spots in Tokyo. So much so that some foreign tourists choose to focus exclusively on these two towns.

Therefore, this article is about different ways to commute between them.



What is the fastest route?



The fastest way is to use Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line. It still takes about 22 minutes but it costs only \200. If you have an IC card, you will pay even less, \ 195. Also, you don`t need to transfer trains.



The difference between JR Akihabara and Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Akihabara station



If you have visited Japan before you may be aware that JR and Tokyo Metro are run by separate companies. This is why the stations are usually close to each other but not in the same building.

When Japanese say Akihabara station, they think of JR Akihabara which is larger and quite easy to find. Because it is well connected to different parts in Tokyo, we will make it our starting point.



How to reach Tokyo Hibiya Metro from Akihabara station?


Head for Showa-Dori exit because it is the nearest to the entrance to Hibiya line. Central exit is not so far either, but Electric Town one is in the opposite direction.

If you find yourself at Electric Town exit, follow the sign to Central exit, then head for Showa-Dori where you will see the sign to Hibiya line.


Electric Town Gate〜Hibiya Line



The shortest way is to follow the signs to Central exit.

Go out of the Electric Town exit and head left where you should see Gundam café and Akihabara UDX.



Diagonally to the right, there is a red building called Sega 4 Kan.




In the front and a bit to the left of the building, you will see an entrance to an underground passage.




Once inside, keep straight and follow the signs to Showa-Dori exit. Turn left when you get out.


Central gate〜Hibiya line



Exit out of Central gate and continue straight.



In a minute, you will see directions to Hibiya line. Follow them and first go left from the exit, then turn right.  




There you will see Yodobashi Multimedia Akiba across a crosswalk.



Pass the street and enter Yodobashi Camera F1 passage.



There are many small shops, such as a pastry and Takoyaki shops in front of the entrance of Yodobashi Camera. This is the passageway you need to walk through.

It will take you to a descending staircase that leads to an underground tunnel that leads to Hibiya line.


・Showa-dori〜Hibiya line



Turn left once you go out of Showa-Dori exit where you will see the stairs leading downstairs.



Once you enter Hibiya line station, ride the train from platform 1 Ginza, Roppongi, Nakameguro. This train stops at Roppongi.

If you get lost, you can always ask station staff for help.