You will not Go Home Hungry! – Popular Steak Restaurants in Akihabara

High on our list of delicious foods in Akihabara are meat dishes. There is a wide range of affordable restaurants where you can order a mega portion and challenge yourself to an incredibly big steak. Japan is known for small portion sizes but one can stay hungry here.


Niku No Mansei


Niku no Mansei is a family place with all kinds of meat specialties.

The ten-floor building offers a different restaurant on each floor.


B1 – tonkatsu(deep fried pork fillet)restaurant and Beer Bar

1F – izakaya(Japanese pub)and a convenience store

2F – steak restaurant

3•4F – meat restaurant which offers stakes, hamburgers and lobster dishes.

5F – yakinikuya (barbeque restaurant)

7F Shabu-shabu restaurant which serves Japanese ‘hotpot’ dish of sliced meat and vegetables boiled in water.

10F Teppan steak restaurant


We are positive you will be able to find something you will like on at least one of these floors.




Kandasudacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0041, Japan


Official site:


If you only to eat a good steak head forIkinari steak!


We recommend Ikinari Steak for those of you who particularly like to eat steak.

There are no vegetable servings, just an enormous piece of meat.

You can even eat while standing up! These stand-up restaurants are a good choice when you want to eat a lot and still save a few bucks.

The meat is not precut so you can choose how much you want and decide the size of your meal. However, this is only during the dinner time. For lunch, you will have to settle for one of the fixed sizes.




Yamato Bld., 2-23-9, Kandasuda-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0041, Japan


Official site:


Business hours:




Food originated in Osaka – Steak Takeru

Recently, Takeru has become popular among young people for its meal sizes and low prices. Even the signboard leaves a very strong impression.

Stakes, pickled meat, miso pork steak, hamburgers; horse steak… every item on the menu has a mega option.

They also serve meat bowls with 1kg of meat for less than 1000jpy! However, it is limited to only five portions per day.

Since there are a lot of different spices on the table, the customers can create and enjoy different versions of dishes every time they come.




3-2-11, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan


Official site:


Business hours:


Lunch (Weekday): 11:00~14:30

Dinner (Weekday): 17:30~22:30

Lunch (Sun, Sat, Holiday): 11:00~17:00

Dinner (Sun, Sat, Holiday): 17:00~22:30


Brazilian stakes in TUCANO’S GRILL


TUCANO’S GRILL specializes in Brazilian grilled chicken steaks. They have mega, giga, tera and peta sizes. A peta size contains more than 3kg of meat! The owner advertises the restaurant as the place where everyone can eat to their heart’s content.

First, they offer free rice servings.

Second, free extra vegetables.

Third, garlic topping is also free!




1F, Takemoto Bld., 3-4-16, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan



Business hours:


Weekday: 11:00~15:00
Sat, Sun, Holiday: 11:00~15:00

Weekday: 17:30~23:00 
Sat, Sun, Holiday: 17:00~23:00


Official site: