Get Adorable Tiny Chocolate Souvenirs at Shop Tirol Choco Akihabara




Shop Tirol Choco is a chocolate shop located 6 minutes from JR Akihabara station Electric Town Gate. It mainly carries collaboration, seasonal, regional and outlet products.



Tirol Choco is a long-popular Japanese chocolate sold in tiny 2~3cm big pieces.

Each piece is 20 yen which makes it popular with small kids.



Shop Tirol Choco is its first selection shop. Aside from regular flavors, it carries collaboration and seasonal products difficult to find in convenience stores and supermarkets around Japan. 



Tirol Choco has more than 300 flavors. However, the regular ones are milk, coffee nougat, strawberry jelly, white & cookie, almond, biscuit, etc.

One of the most popular flavors is also kinakomochi that tastes like roasted soybean flour.

Outlet chocolates come in large packages at a reasonable price. These can be a good souvenir for an office or a big group of friends.



Also, you can also combine the flavors you like and pick out a cute package to make a more unique gift.  



There is also a variety of adorable goods, such as erasers, pencils, badges, and markers.



On this shelf, we found a DECO Chocolate with a “Thank you” and “I Love You” notes written in Japanese. There is an English one as well which is a simple and cute “For You”. These boxes also come in different colors and designs.


You also can fit 10 chocolates in the smallest chocolate clear cases and decorate it yourself.



On the top of this shell, there is something that looks like a huge milk chocolate but this is actually curry. Chocolate can be used as a secret ingredient for a curry. It seems that this curry is made using Tirol chocolates.



If you happen to visit the shop, don`t forget to try out gacha pon. The one on the picture has Tirol Choco pouches.

This is the only Tirol Shop in Japan and the only place where you can find so many different Tirol flavors.


Shop Tirol Choco




Kisho Bldg., 1F, 4-5-4, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, 101-0021, Japan


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  • Six minutes from JR Akihabara station Electric Town Exit


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