Check Out These iPhone Shops in Akihabara

Check Out These iPhone Stores in Akihabara



Nowadays, smartphones are sold everywhere. What makes Akihabara special is that you can find all newest model here.

Welcome to the phone shop battleground!


Look at all these stores on Chuo-dori street!

Chuo-dori is the main street in Akihabara which is always crowded with tourists.

It is just outside Electric town gate, so you won’t get lost even if this is your time in Akihabara. 

Since the area is known as the Electric town, it is no wonder there are countless electric stores along the street. 

We took a photo of a display with second-hand iPhones. 

There were also many huge stores separated into PC and smartphone sections. 


Don’t forget to check the side streets

Even though there are no major stores, you can still see a lot of small shops lined up the streets. 


If you are looking for second-hand products, head to HARD OFF

Newest smartphones are amazing with all their groundbreaking features, but unfortunately, they tend to cost a lot of money. That is why we recommend you visit HARD ODD.

This second-hand shop sells books, games, cameras, furniture, phones, etc. 

It is a good place for those on a budget.