The Biggest General Book Store in Akihabara Shosen Book Tower



There are many hobby shops in Akihabara what carry comics, doujinshi (magazines published by fans), photo books and anime magazines. However, they rarely sell regular business books or other hobby books not related to Japanese subculture.

Shosen Tower is the one bookstore in Akihabara that has it all.



The big, blue building is right to Showa exit of JR Akihabara. If you are using Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, look for exit No 5. You can easily spot it once you get out.

Shosen Tower has novels, computer, business, and children books, so you can check out popular books in Japan that are not necessarily comic-related. Nonetheless, there is a sizable layout of comics, too. 


Floor Guide



  • 1F: literature, travel guides, maps, manuals, picture and children books
  • 2F: pocket editions, business, history, language books, English comics
  • 3F: computer, science and engineering, job-hunting, qualification study, art books, manga, how-to-draw books
  • 4F: sport, outdoor, camera, film, music, SFX, rakugo, go, shogi, books about horse racing
  • 5F: transportation, military, war history books, models, radio-controlled models, railway goods
  • 6F: comics for youth and adults, manga classics, English comics, American comics, pocket comics
  • 7F: comics for boys and girls, Ghibli related books, boys love anime, voice-actor magazines
  • 8F: light novels, walkthrough manuals, TRPG, Gundam related books, art books, girls love
  • 9F: gravure (picture books, DVD, trading cards), event hall, a resting room with a view



Business hours


10:00~21:00(no days-off)




Kandasakumacho, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo, 101-0025, Japan