Virtual Batting Center on Top of Yodobashi Akiba in Akihabara



Active AKIBA Batting Center is on the 9th floor of the best-known store in Akihabara – Yodobashi Akiba. It is the closest to JR Akihabara station and therefore the most popular batting center in Akihabara.


Basic Instructions




This is the entrance to Active AKIBA.




Just go through the door near the signboard. Once in, you will see a golf field. The batting center is up the stairs.

Here is what the golf field looks like. 



When you climb the stairs, you should see a prepaid card machine. You will need one of the cards to play.






It may be surprising to find a batting center on the top of an electronics store but it is an authentic virtual batting center.

You can play against some of the strongest Japanese baseball players.



Many players have visited the store but usually, it is full of baseball fans of all ages from kids to salarymen.



It is also a great date spot.



The strikeout located next to the entrance is equipped with a speed gun that can measure the speed of the pitched ball, so here you can measure not only your accuracy but speed as well.

Also, there is a battle mode where you can compete with family or friends.

Most bats are free to use except for a few those from special editions that are available to rent for a fee. You can rent them at the reception in front of the golf course. It is possible to rent gloves here as well. 



This is a very relaxed batting center where most people come to de-stress after work. You don’t need any extra equipment or a certain level of skill, just some free time.  




  • Seven batter’s boxes with the latest edition of the virtual pitching machine
  • One lane with a strikeout device equipped with a speed gun
  • Metal and wood bats are available
  • Free damp hand towels


Price list



  • 3 games – 1,000+tax
  • 10 games – 3,000+tax
  • 18 games – 5,000
  • 40 games – 10,300+tax


  • Batting: One game = twenty balls
  • Strikeout: One game = 12 balls


The only method of payment is a prepaid card that can be bought using the machine in the store which a Japanese and English language setting. Also, this machine only accepts cash.




Hanaokacho, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan


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Directly connected to the stations where the following trains stop.

  • JR Yamanote, Sobu and Keihin Tohoku Line
  • Tsukuba Express
  • Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line


Business hours: