Don Quijote is The Biggest Discount Store in Japan That Has Everything From Suveniers to Medicine and Electronics


Don Quijote is a large discount store that carries a variety of goods at surprisingly low prices. While Don Quijote is one of the classics of European literature, most young Japanese associate its name with this popular chain store.

While the store can be a bit overwhelming to those visiting it for the first time, trying to find their way in an astonishing number of diverse items, it is definitely worth a visit. More than a few items are cheaper than in the supermarkets and electronics retailers.

It is also a great place to buy tons of souvenirs at once.



Don Quijote is easily accessible from both JR Akihabara Electric Town exit and Suehirochuu Station ( Tokyo Ginza Line). It takes just 3 minutes to walk, no matter which one you choose.


Floor Map 

Don Quijote occupies 2~5 floors in a subculture complex. 

2F: cosmetics, medicine, food, etc.
3F: toys, souvenirs, character goods, confectionary, bags, etc.
4F: electronics, designer goods, perfumes, color contact lenses, interior, and daily necessities
5F: cosplay and party goods, event space, etc.


There is a duty-free counter of the 2nd floor. However, it is only open from 10:00 AM to 23:00


As you can see from the picture, the shelves are packed with neatly sorted goods. With the impressive product line-up and a huge inventory, Don Quijote is the perfect store for bulk buying.

Here you can find ever-popular Green Tea flavored Kit Kat and many more well-known sweets with a Japanese twist to them.

It may sound surprising that Don Quijote sells pharmaceuticals as well. They are probably not the biggest hits among tourists but who knows what can happen during a trip. Here you can even buy face masks at a low price. Japanese people often use them during a fly or an allergy season.

On the 5th floor, there is a maid cafe @home, one of the most popular chain cafes in Japan. Here you can take a break in Akihabara style.

If you still have some free time, you can visit a Game center on 6th and 7th floor. Most games are similar to UFO catcher and very easy to enjoy even if you don’t understand Japanese.


Business hours


9:00AM ~ 5:00AM
(Duty-free counter – 10:00AM ~ 23:00)




4-3-3, Sotokanda, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo To, 101-0021, Japan