The Ever Popular Gundam Series Opened the Only Robot Café in Akihabara


Gundam series is the most well-known Japanese science fiction media franchise beloved by all sexes and generations, especially popular with young boys.

Its restaurant/café in Akihabara is the only café here that was inspired by robots.



It is only a minute walk from Electric exit of Akihabara station. Just turn right once you exit the station and you will see a big letter V with Gundam Café written clearly below it.



The large TV inside streams Gundam episodes during all hours. Many fans seem to come here to enjoy their favorite anime.

The TV is not the only thing that makes it Gundam Café. The interior is heavily inspired by characters and locations in the series.



Menu also has a lot of foods and drinks with Gundam motifs. There is a Haro cocktail in an adorable glass and, following the recent boom, even a tapioca drink has made its way on the menu.



The food menu has a wide selection of curry, breakfast sets, stews, rice omlets, and pizzas. Every pizza has a famous quote and a detailed character drawing on it.

Take a peek at the menu below.



Food menu:


Main dishes:


  • Cream stew:1058円
  • Mild curry:028円
  • Red curry:1058円
  • Rice omlette:1188円
  • Demi-glace:1188円
  • Rice bowl with deep-fried pork cutlet on rice:1296円
  • Kitsune udon&rice bowl with fried oysters:1080円
  • Hot dog plate:950円
  • Hamburger set:950円


Drink menu:


  • Late/Soy Latte:486円
  • Flavor Latte :540円
  • Choco Latte 540円
  • Coffee(HOT/ICE):378円
  • Espresso:378円
  • Pear soda:464円
  • Orange,lemon&Mangoice cream floar:734円
  • Haro Cocktail (pink、orange):810円
  • Draft beer:518円
  • Lemon sour:540円


Side menu:


  • Karaage and onion rings:778円
  • French fries:432円
  • French fries with beef consommé and chili spice:486円
  • Nachoes:734円



Collaboration cafés are usually expensive because you are paying for the experience more than just for items on the menu. However, this one is not different from regular cafés, selling a cup of coffee for less than \400.

Our biggest recommendation are the lattes that come with character illustrations on top. They are not only fun for kids, but for adults, too.



Gundam café attracts many fans and is mostly full on weekends with an average waiting time of 20~30. It is definitely worth the wait but if you are only looking for some drinks, you can get a takeout at the register. 

Next to the café is a gift shop where you can buy some souvenirs after lunch.


If you are an anime or robot fan, or even if you are just looking for an interesting place to visit, you should pay Gundam cafe a visit. There is a reason it is one of the most popular attractions in Akihabara.




1-1, Sotokanda, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo To, 101-0021, Japan


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