This Akihabara Figure Shop Is The Perfect Place for Collectors

Figures are dolls modeled after anime and manga characters. Many are well designed and come in different sizes, which is why so many otaku like collecting them. 

Since popular characters come in different poses each with its unique facial expression, anyone has a high chance to find the one they will like.  

No wonder anime and manga fans love coming here to compare the figures and look for the perfect version of their favorite character. 


Figure shop CHARA G MART

CHARA G MART is near the Electric Town exit. There are popular figures displayed around the store, including well-known characters from One Piece, Dragon Ball, and Sailor Moon.

You can get Luffy in his killer-technique pose, a figure that catches Super Saiyan transformation moment, one of the adorable girl characters we all love, and many more that will surprise you by how well executed they are.

Palm-sized figures are very convenient because you can just bring them with you take them out whenever you want.

A seal‐cutter we saw on the first floor before entering the store.

Here you can get an anime/manga character’s name engraved on a key-holder or just choose any word you may like. 

It seems to be a popular souvenir choice since many samples had foreigner names on them. You can just drop by for some afordable souvenirs on your way to CHARA G MART.




1-11-1, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan


Business hours: 11:00~20:00

Official site:


Charming figures

Let’s look at a few figures displayed at the store.

This is Dragon Ball collection. As you can see, even if the character is the same, the atmosphere changes significantly depending on his pose. Some are simple, adorable figures, while others are extremely detailed and eye-catching!

If you have the time, why not experience the charm of countless anime figures in Akihabara.