Shop for Electronic Parts and Tools in Sengoku Densyo Akihabara



Akihabara, known as the Electric Town, is not only the best district to go shopping for anime and game goods, but also computers, electronics, and all types of gadgets. This article is about the largest shop in Akihabara that carries gadgets, electronic parts and craft kits. 



Sengoku Densyo


Sengoku Densyo is a leading electronics shop in Japan that mainly carries electronic parts and tools. It is merely a three-minute walk from JR Akihabara Station and is easy to spot as mountains of various parts are visible from outside.



The shop was renewed and moved here in 2018. As this is a popular electronics shop in Akihabara, there is a lot of information about it online some of which is about the old location. The shop has made many improvements at the time of move so it is the safest is to check their home page to make sure you get fresh information.




Store shelves are full of different parts and tools. Because of the great size of the inventory, it does fell extra narrow. Plus, many customers visit every day which makes it feel even tinier. However, it is a lot bigger than it looks from the inside. 





After the move, they expanded the inventory with a variety of game parts and imported goods, which has attracted a new type of customers interested in making or fixing games.







Sengoku Densyo is also a fine shop for musicians because of its large selection of instrument parts. Electric guitars and basses are electronic instruments, and as such, they fit right into the range of products the Sengoku Densyo carries. Here you can find pickguards, pickups, volume knobs, and much more.





Electronic kits are on the second floor. They are perfect for beginners as you can find a full set of tools you need for a specific purpose and be sure you are not missing anything. 




There are kits in Japanese and English (mostly imported).



For example, this is a bicycle craft kit that consists of a plus screwdriver, radio pliers, and a nipper. That`s it! That is enough to start your first project.

Here is a list of main product categories:


Electric parts:

  • Capacitor batteries
  • Chargers
  • AC Adapter kits
  • Sensor related products
  • Products related to solar-powered microcontrollers
  • As-is products
  • Ferrite cores
  • Other manufacturing parts


Computers and phones

  • PC parts
  • PC software
  • Phone accessories
  • Other PC parts


Miscellaneous goods

  • Service
  • Game related products
  • Audio equipment


Sengoku Densyo has four floors starting with B1 as the lowest. All of them are equally packed with products.

It is a great store for newbies, experts and everybody in between. You do not need any prior knowledge to have fun checking the shelves.



    • Maruwa Bldg., B1-3F, 1-8-6, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, 101-0021, Tokyo

Business hours:

  • 11:00~19:00