Akihabara’s Softmap Leveled up to Big Camera


In 2017, Big Camera Akiba was opened on Chuo-doori street where Softmap Akihabara Main store used to be. The same year, five more Sofmap stores got renovated and joined Big Camera to make Akiba Big Map.


What are they selling?


Big Camera Akiba is a seven-floor building. After the renewal, a general shop targeted towards foreigners opened on the first and second floor. Here you can find medicine, souvenirs, daily necessities, beauty electric appliances, etc.

On the upper floors, there are digital and home appliances, bicycles, toys, and many more products sold in Big Camera chain stores.

However, since it is located in Akihabara, you can see figures around the store which represent unique Akihabara culture. It is a nice touch for all us window shoppers.


If you are looking for some alcohol


Let’s go back to the first floor which is, as they say, targeted towards foreigners. Aside from, daily necessities and medicine, they sell alcoholic beverages, too.

What makes Big Camera different from usual alcohol shops is the selection it offers, especially the number of different Japanese sake.


Paying in virtual currency


Recently, many stores introduced bitcoin paying system including Big Camera.

You will also see products that can be used for mining. It seems that Big Camera is promoting the use of bitcoin in Japan. 

Big Camera has a daughter?


The character known as the daughter of Big Camara, is featured in every store. She is  Akiba-tan, a girl with glasses and cat ears. Her ribbon has sakura motif on it – the representative flower of Chioda-ku. If you want to meet her, head for Big Camera Akiba.




4-1-1, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan


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