Get Disney Original Goods Without Breaking the Bank at Nakano Broadway!

You may have heard of Tokyo Disneyland and unique to Japan – Disney Sea. Until this day, both resorts have remained popular among all generations and are still overcrowded with Disney enthusiasts. Because of the everlasting popularity of this brand, many shops specializing in selling Japanese goods have included Disney products in their inventory. Even more, these days there are shops that mainly sell products made or inspired by them. 

With new merchandise coming out almost every months, it makes you where do the old ones end up. The answer is Nakano Broadway!

Nakano Broadway is a shopping complex where most of the stores are selling anime and manga goods. Aside from more than abundant Japanese characters, they also offer a variety of Disney products. Here they have everything from, figurines, books, pins, stuffed animals, popcorn buckets, stationary, and even kitchenware.


Amoju – Everything you may want at one place


Emoji sells western figurines featuring characters from old-time beloved characters to collection items. Here you can find Calimero, Powerpuff Girls, Tom and Jerry, Simpsons, Flintstones, Shrek, Madagascar, Smurfs, and many more. They also offer a sizable collection of Disney characters, with prices ranging from \500 to tens of thousands of joy. 

And even more Disney items!


Mandarake Special 2


Mandarake has more than a dozen stores only in Nakano Broadway. Therefore, their products are clearly segmented and easy to find even though they offer large selections of different brands.Mandarake Special 2 has rare Disney figurines and is a dream-come-true for any serious Disney collector and affectionados. They sell high-quality items which makes it a bit more expensive than Amoju. 


ROBOT ROBOT 2 – A lot more than just robots here


ROBOT ROBOT carries products that were sold at the resort at some point. It is good to store to buy the expensive items you see at the resorts but at a much better price. 


ONE UP – A hidden treasure


ONE UP is a little-known store that carries figurines from various collections. The stores mentioned above are all highly recognized and praised online. However, it had many well-made tiny figurines that are definitely worth checking out.

This article was mainly about stores where you can following collector items and high-quote products at affordable price. However, most are used goods so we recommend you buy with caution.