Try Original Japanese Menu of Beloved American Brand Mister Donut – Mister Donut Akihabara Shop


Mister Donut is an American chain that is the place to go if you are craving donuts in Japan. They offer a variety of delicious donuts at a price of around 100 yen.

Aside from donuts, there are many items on the food and drink menu.

There is one store close to JR Akihabara called Mister Donut Akihabara Shop.



Mister Donut Akihabara Shop is a 4-minute-walk from Akihabara Electric Gate and a 3-minute walk from Ginza Suehirocho-station.

Just follow the widest street and you should spot it on your left side.

It is quite large and easy to find.





We recommend you go during lunch time(11:00-15:00. It includes one drink is between 510〜900 yen and a has doughnuts, pies, pasta, hot dogs, etc.

It is a good deal for lunch or an early snack.



This is sugar raised, sesame Szechuan noodles and ice coffee set that costs 700 yen.

When ordering a lunch set you cannot choose a doughnut which is more than 108 yen. Among cheaper doughnuts, the most popular are the sugar-raised and pon de ring.

Szechuan noodles are also a popular item on the noodle menu. The size of the noodle bowl is not too big and is perfect for a donut set.

These days, Mister Donut is not just a doughnut store. It is a restaurant great for a quick bite. Noodles are one of the most popular dishes so the image of the brand is slowly changing.



When it comes to the drink menu, the best thing is that the refills for mister blend coffee are absolutely free.

It is not rare that refills are cheaper than a regular cup of coffee but rarely can you get them for free.



Akihabara Shop is open from 8:30 AM to 19:00 AM which means there is a morning menu as well. The best deal is the one item and drink set. You can order this until 11 AM.




If you eat at the store, you can get your donut or pie heated up. Just don`t forget to mention it at the register.





Mister Donut has been the most beloved donut chain in Japan for decades. There are originally Japanese and seasonal items that cannot be bought at overseas stores.


Mister Donut Akihabara Shop


3-13-9, Sotokanda, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo To, 101-0021, Japan


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  • Three minutes from Ginza Line Suehirocho station
  • Four minutes from JR Akihabara station


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