Try The “Monster Ramen” in Yaro Ramen in Akihabara




Ramen noodles are originally imported from China but have become a completely different dish known as Japanese noodles that are today one of the most popular Japanese foods.

Main flavors of ramen are shoyu, miso, salt, and tonkotsu – pork bone. 

There are countless ramen restaurants in Akihabara. However, Yaro Ramen is the most popular of them. 



Yaro Ramen Akihabara is just a four-minute walk from JR Akihabara station. (During summer, they are serving free tea in front of the restaurant because summer days can be quite hot and humid in Japan).



The signature dish is Monster Ramen which is a super large ramen bowl, perfect to regain your energy after a day of walking around Akihabara.  





You order using the ticket machine placed next to the entrance. Here you can choose an item from the menu and get a food ticket that you then give to the staff. Ticket machines come with buttons or a touch screen. The machines with a touch panel have Japanese, Chinese and English options which makes them more foreigner-friendly.

Even with an English menu, ordering can be a bit tricky. If you can`t figure it out, feel free to ask staff for help.



Menu (not all items are included)


  • Tonkotsu Yaro:780 yen
  • Buta Yaro:1080 yen
  • Tonkotsu Buta Yaro:1080 yen
  • Noko Niboshi (Dried sardine ramen):980 yen
  • Miso Yaro:880 yen
  • Miso Butter Corn Yaro:1080 yen
  • Nikoshi Tsukemen (dried sardine noodles with dipping sauce):1300 yen
  • Shiru Nashi Yaro (without soup):830 yen
  • Miso Koton Yaro:830 yen
  • Tonkotsu Koton Yaro:880 yen
  • Kitakata roasted pork fillet:1180 yen
  • Gekikara Daibakuhatsu (spicey explosion):1000 yen
  • Tonkotsu Buta Curry:980 yen
  • Curry Rice Bowl:380 yen



For kids, there is Ko Buta Yaro that comes in miso and tonkotsu flavor. Even for adults, it is a good option for nutritious, yet light lunch. 



This is the showcase in Shibuya brunch that has the rankings of the most popular menu.

  1. Buta Yaro
  2. Tonkotsu Buta Yaro
  3. Tonkotsu Yaro
  4. Mega Buta Yaro




The standard ramen bowl, Tonkotsu Yaro is completely made using Japanese ingredients and boiled in pork bone soup that takes 10 hours to make. Roasted pork is made with meat imported from Spain that is said to be the least fatty in the world. Since a portion of ramen is quite large, light meat goes well with it and makes noodles less heavy.

The most popular item on the menu, Tonkotsu Buta Yaro is filled with vegetables with three slices of meat on top.

If that is not enough, Mega Yaro is twice as big as the regular one and known as “Monster Ramen”.


Yaro Ramen has all regular ramen flavors and some more adventurous ones, such as butter corn. With all side dishes and side options, it is more than enough to make for a satisfying lunch.

Yaro Ramen Akihabara




Tokyo, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, 3-2-11


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Sundays: 11:00~22:00


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