Trending Korean Street Food Cheese Hot Dog in Akihabara


Cheese hot dog is trending Korean street food. This cheesy delight has fast become popular among Japanese youth along with many other Korean trends thanks to recent K-POP boom.

Unfortunately, you can`t buy one of these in Akihabara. However, there is a similar hotdog in CAFÉ MOCO that serves light food, such as sandwiches, soup, and salads.



It is no more than 2 minutes from Akihabara station. You will recognize it easily for it’s a bit retro, bright yellow board.



The interior is light orange and has a relaxing, welcoming atmosphere. Perfect for chatting with your friends, reading books or working on your PC. Instead of decorations, you can see paintings, foreign currency, and guidebooks.

COFE MOCA is a rare café in Japan that has separate floors for smokers and non-smokers (smoking is allowed only on 2F).

Here is the menu which consists mainly out of hotdogs and sandwiches. There is an English menu as well.



This is cheese hotdog set with one drink included. While 850 yen may sound expensive for a hotdog, the set is surprisingly big.

Crispy baked cheese is as big as the plate. It is covered by melted cheese, chips and a huge hotdog. It is more than enough to make for a filling lunch.



On top of all that, hotdog has two sausages which should be enough for most customers.


Menu (not all items are included)


  • Hotdog:650 yen(set:750yen)
  • Cheese hotdog:750yen(set:850yen)
  • Tuna sandwich:650 yen(set:750yen)
  • Egg sandwich:650 yen(set:750yen)
  • soup:650 yen(set:750yen)
  • Salad bowl:700 yen
  • Whip Banana Sandwich:750 yen









CAFÉ MOCO is a good place for a break in Akihabara. It is quiet and has a nice selection for a quick lunch.






1-12-2, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan


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