Whole Akihabara in One Building! AKIBA Cultures ZONE


Akihabara is on most lists of must-places to visit in Tokyo. However, it is wide and full of different stores and complexes that it makes is a bit difficult to decide where exactly to go first. The best would be to visit a place that resonates with Akihabara atmosphere and gives you an idea of what kind of town Akihabara actually is. The good news is that there is a big enough building that can do just that. 

AKIBA Cultures ZONE is a giant subculture complex only a 4-minute walk from JR Akihabara station.




Floor Map



AKIBA CULTURES THEATER(a stage for Idol・voice actor events)


  • Rashinban Akihabara (figurines and plastic models)


  • Rashinban Akihabara Shinkan(DVD・Blue-rays、CDs、fan-made magazines、cosplays)


  • ROBOT ROBOT (figurines)
  • One up (toys, hobby items)
  • Spin Gear (yo-yo shop)
  • Havikoro Toy (cute, girly toys)
  • TRIO (idol goods)
  • Astop (rental showcases)


  • Card Shop Kaizoku-Ou (trading cards)
  • Gunking (toys, hobby items)
  • Sukeruton (railway models, scale models)


  • GOOD SMILExAnimate Café Akihabara (collaboration cafe)
  • ACOS Akihabara (cosplay goods)


  • AKIHABARA Backstage pass(idol café・restaurant)




If you are looking for character goods, Ranshinban is a spacious store located on both1F and 2F floor. Products are neatly displayed in glass showcases for a gallery-like experience.



There are some mystery bags next to the registers with various goods inside, that can make for a great souvenir.



Spin Gear on the 3rd floor is a rare yo-yo specialty shop. Except for the exceptional selection of yo-yos, they also carry educational toys, such as Rubik`s cubes.



There are also a number of toys made in Japan that are not sold or difficult to find overseas.



A popular Japanese pastime has made its way to the shop as well.  They sell a variety of kendama which is a Japanese toy so popular that it has a world championship.

Spin Gear is a fun store to look through, especially for families with kids.

Sukeruton on the 4th floor is a store typical for Japan. The train models are displayed throughout the store which attracts a large number of customers, many of whom are foreigners.



Fifth floor is like a portal to Akihabara. It is a massive cosplay store that carries everything from cosplay essencials, like costumes and wigs to make-up and accessories. They even have a sizable selection of color contacts with multiple shades of each color.




Inside ACOS, there is GOOD SMILExAnimate collaboration café.



They change their menu with every collaboration. Even if you are not familiar with the current theme, the menu always has adorable drinks and sweets that will make your visit worthwhile. 

AKIBA Cultures ZONE will introduce you to all different aspects of Akihabara. If you plan to visit, you should put it on the top of your list.




1-7-6, Sotokanda, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo To, 101-0021, Japan

  • JR Akihabara station – 4 minutes from Electric Town exit
  • Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Akihabara station – 9 minutes from exit 2
  • Tsukuba express Akihabara station – 4 minutes from A1 exit
  • Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Suehirocho station – 5 minutes from exit 3


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