What to Eat in Akihabara

Japanese food is a too broad definition that covers a variety of different foods. Japanese cuisine has many subcategories some of which had sprung from western countries,  but changed so much they become a Japanese dish like the case is with curry rice. 

Today we will introduce a few delicious restaurants in Akihabara. 


Yodobashi Akiba


Yodobashi Akiba is a huge complex just a minute walk from Akihabara station. On the 1st and 8th the floor, there are thirty different restaurants specialized in different food, such as Tai, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Italian, sushi, steak, etc.

Our recommendations are Unasho and Soup Curry. 



Unasho is an unagi/eel restaurant. Their Kansai style eels have a crispy outside layer while the inside is extremely soft and has a rich, aromatic taste. On top of that, they will recommend you sake that perfectly goes with your dish.






Business hours:






Kanda Hanaokacho, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0028, Japan



Soup curry Cocoro

Soup Curry Cocoro offers 14 types of curry, many of which are quite unique. If you have ever wondered what natto curry would taste like, here you can get natto-okra curry. They have many vegetarian options, too. 

Soup Curry is the representative of Sapporo diet and they even offer a video on their homepage to show you how to eat curry in Hokkaido style.






Business hours:






Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Kandahanaoka cho 1-1



Umeko no Ie


Umeko no Ie is a fully private room restaurant. They have all from small rooms for couples to large rooms for big groups. All you can eat anddrink menus start at 4000 per person. It is even cheaper if you reserve for a time around 17:00 or after 21:00. The menus mostly consist of Italian-style izakaya dishes which can easily rival much more expensive restaurants. They have pizzas, salads, fried food, pasta, desert and much more. 






Business hours: 



Weekends and holidays: 





1-16, Kanda-Sakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0025, Japan




Conveyor Belt Sushi or kaiten-sushi is considered fast food in Japan, as opposed to traditional sushi restaurants. It is not only because of price, but also the service is smoother and faster. Plates of sushi revolve around the restaurant on a conveyor belt.

On top of keeping with the atmosphere of kaiten-sushi restaurants, Ganzozushi is a kaiten-sushi restaurant with a unique way of preparing sushi in order to keep the original value of fresh ingredients and give it a high-end taste.


MOS Burger


MOS Burger is a fast food chain restaurant originated in Japan. It is the second largest franchise in Japan, only exceeded by McDonald.

Their exclusive dishes are MOS Burger which uses a bun made of rice mixed with barley and millet and premium Takumi burger made with Tasmanian beef. Also, MOS was the first store to come up with teriyaki burger.
Nonetheless, most of the menu will remind you of western fast food restaurants including different types of regular burgers, seasonal specialties and a variety of desserts.


Niku no Mansei


Niku no Mansei is a complex of family restaurants with a different restaurant on each floor.
Aside from daytime restaurants, there are a Beer bar in the basement and izakaya on the first floor, too. Since every restaurant offers different meat specialties you are sure to find something you will like.
The prices rise with every floor. The more you go up the restaurants get more expensive and offer richer menus.




In Kamugen you can choose the ingredients and get soba made just for you. On top of that, there is a nice-sized menu where they offer, aside from many soba soups, hot-pot dishes, shabu shabu (thin beef slices swished in boiling water) and many more Japanese dishes.
This fashionable wooden restaurant has a Japanese drink menu. When you get tired you can always to go the restaurant floor where you can choose from 30 different shops. There is a line-up of restaurants, cafes and Japanese traditional restaurants – Izakaya.

If you have not found a place you may like on this list, there are restaurants all over Akihabara. When you exit the station, you will see shops signs on almost every building. Don’t worry if the elevator looks small and maybe a little suspicious, there are many good restaurants, cafes, and bars hidden o. the upper floors. 


Business hours:



Weekends and holidays:





4-14-1, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan

Chompchomp Akihabara 


Chompchomp Akihabara is a large restoran building. It is close from Central exit of Akihabara JR station. It is especially easy to find when the night falls because it is illuminated with 1200 LED lights.

The building is called Chompchomp which is a sound associated with eating something delicious. We will introduce you to 2 out of 16 restaurants here.


Kichiri is modeled after designer’s apartments increasingly popular in Japan. It is a very relaxing space with a modern twist.
Most of the dishes on the menu are modern versions of Japanese food. With prices starting at ¥300, it is a nice place for group travelers.