First Maid Café in Japan With Chubby Maids Shangrila Akihabara


Nothing more than anime-like maids represent the otaku spirit of Akihabara. Maid cafes have young, mostly skinny maids who attend to customers and perform on a small stage. However, Shangrila is differently in its preference towards adorable, chubby girls.

The idea of challenging Japanese beauty standards and always warm service are have earned Shangrila a big number of fans. Many of which have problems actually getting to the cafe. 

Even though it is just a 3-minute walk from Electric Town Exit of Akihabara station, it can be a little difficult to spot. Just look for the building with a big brown sign that says `Hashikatsu`. The cafe is located on the 4th floor.

If you are curious about the maids, you can check them out on the homepage before heading to Chubby maid.


Customers usually visit maid cafes to enjoy the company of cute maids and not for the food itself. Chubby Shangrila is also trying to change that with a delicious Italian menu. They even have an authentic pizza furnace to achieve the standards of real Italian restaurants.

Shangrila has everything to make for an enjoyable afternoon in Akihabara. The maids are cute and easy to talk to and the food is great.


Fare system


Entrance fee:¥800/h

Extension fee:¥400/30min


Business hours


Weekdays:18:00~23:00(last order 22:30)

Weekend and holidays:12:00~23:00(last order 22:30)

Regular day off:1st Monday every month




Hashikachi Bld.4F, 3-1-15, Sotokanda, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan