Where to Buy Official Sanrio Goods in Akihabara



Akihabara is known for its countless anime and hobby shops and, as such, it is the right place in Tokyo to look for goods featuring these most adored characters among all generations.

This article is about Toranoana Akihabara B shop that carries a bunch of Sanrio products.




It is on the ground floor of a building a mare three-minute-walk from Akihabara station and is very easy to spot as it has all the most beloved characters featured on the front windows.

Toranoana is an otaku chain that carries doujinshi (fanzines), books, manga, hobby items, CDs, DVDs, Blue-ray, etc. However, what makes the Akihabara B store so special is the fact that its first floor is an official Sanrio shop.





Once you enter the store, you will find yourself completely surrounded by Sanrio characters.  





There are a lot of products that can be fun for kids and adults equally, and most of its customers are women who love adorable accessories and clothes that come in all sizes.




Since Hello Kitty is Sanrio`s most popular character, many character stores usually focus only on Hello Kitty selling goods. However, since this is Sanrio`s official shop, it has countless goods featuring other adorable characters as well.



These T-shirts with Japanese lettering will make a perfect souvenir.

On the upper floors, they have a lot more products that have a Japanese feel to them.


Floor guide:

  • 7F: magazines, PC games, doujin mainly for women
  • 6F:doujin magazines mainly for women
  • 5F:doujin magazines mainly for women
  • 4F:RENEWAL AKIBA ART STORE(doujin illustration books, original goods)
  • 3F:RENEWAL AKIBA ART GALLERY(exibitions by famous illustrators and related products)
  • 2F:CD, Blu-ray, DVD(anime/voice acting/games)
  • 1F:Sanrio official shop
  • B1F:event space



  • 4-3-1, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021, Japan

  • Three minutes from Akihabara station

Business hours:

  • Weekdays:12:00~21:00
  • Sundays:10:00~22:00
  • Sundays and holidays:10:00~21:00