Azone Labelshop Akihabara is a Doll Heaven


Azone Labelshop Akihabara carries dolls and doll accessories. It is located right next to JR Akihabara, in the building left from Electric Town gate. 




The entrance of the shop is pure white which gives it a soft, romantic look. 



Inside, dolls are all over the walls. Each is customized and beautifully dressed to show the customers how many variations and styles they can choose from.  



The sign inside the shop says that Azone offers a “Fulfilling life with your doll” and they do offer enough doll products to fill a small house for your new friend.

Their selection and inventory are indeed impressive.



There are countless doll parts carefully categorized to help customers easily find desired products. If you still have trouble locating what you need, you can always ask the staff.



Aside from original doll-doll products, they have imported goods as well. You can find clothes, body parts, accessories, even tiny plastic food.

Playing with these dolls can be equally fun for adults and kids.




Since they have products from around the globe, you can even see a few rare Barbie dolls. However, we recommend you pay attention to more traditionally Japanese accessories and hairstyles as well. They are so well done and can be a great Japanese souvenir.



Out of all these parts, how do you find which parts fit your doll?

Luckily, there is are detailed size charts inside but you can also ask an employee for help.

This is the store for beginners as well as professionals. Even though they have more parts that you will ever need, everything is clearly organized with detailed charts around the store.

Azone has an online shop but some products are only sold at physical shops. Here you can also ask the staff for recommendations or how to take care of your doll.



Azonr Labelshop is a store for serious hobbyists but is still easy to navigate for casual buyers. The staff is talkative and ready to help you find your perfect doll.



It is an interesting shop to visit even if you don’t plan on buying anything. It is a beautiful and unique store that can only add more magic to your Japanese trip.




Radio Kaikan, 1-15-16, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, 101-0021, Japan


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