Great Selection of Nintendo Goods in KOTOBUKIYA Akihabara


The world-famous Nintendo video game company brought us countless popular series, such as Super Mario, Pokémon, and Kirby. Their products are beloved by all generations. Here in Tokyo, people of all ages can be seen with game-inspired T-shirts, bags, and accessories.

Akihabara, the center of otaku culture, is the best place to look for goods depicting characters from Nintendo’s evergreen hits. 

Many stores in Akihabara sell goods featuring characters from these franchises but their selection is mostly very limited. In KOTOBUKIYA, each game has its own corner with all related goods. 





KOTOBUKIYA Akihabara is a hobby shop that carries character goods, plastic models, figures, souvenirs, capsule toys, etc.

It is merely 3 minutes from the largest station in Akihabara, JR Akihabara station and is easy to get to from Electric Town exit.

Nintendo corner is visible from the entrance and will catch your attention as soon as you enter the store with the number of goods displayed.




Here is Mario corner where they have stuffed dolls, T-shirts, pouches, and cards featuring Mario characters, perfect to kill time while on the train or in a hotel.




And here is Pokemon corner Pokémon with an even bigger variety of goods. There are plates, mugs, stuffed toys, T-shirts, candy, stationery, and daily necessities.





Most stores focus on the most popular character Pikachu. However, KOTOBUKIYA has a lot of other characters as well.





And this is Kirby corner with adorable stuffed dolls impossible to resist checking them out. They are indeed extremely soft to the touch.

Spoons and forks also have cute designs that make them popular among children.



Zelda and Splatoon goods are in a separate corner. The eye symbol that reappears in the series seems to be trending and it is depicted on most products.

The most popular Splatoon character is the adorable squid. However, the lineup is quite colorful and magical that many end up buying more than just one item.



Here is the souvenir corner.

Cookies and candy come in lovely cans that can be used as a container for small items as well.           

Aside from game characters, there are goods with characters from famous anime, such as Ghibli movies, Dragon Ball, and One Piece.

Most Akihabara hobby shops are very narrow and targeted towards lone, usually male customers. However, KOTOBUKIYA is a spacious store good for families and big groups. A plus is that since the passages are wider, you can take your time without being pressured by waiting customers.

There are not that many shops with a good selection of Nintendo goods. Unfortunately, more shops are focusing on anime more than game series. KOTOBUKIYA is a rare exception that has a more even distribution of products is fairly easy to find from JR Akihabara station.




Okasima Bldg., 1-8-8, Sotokanda, Chiyoda Ku, Tokyo To, 101-0021, Japan


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