Try the Famous Tonteki in Akihabara! Tokyo Tonteki Yodobashi Akiba


Tonteki is a Japanese pork loin steak dish in a citrusy sauce. It is a popular steak dish because it is fairly easy to eat and has a light seasoning.

There is a restaurant in Akihabara called Tokyo Tonteki Yodobashi Akiba where you can try the original tonteki. It is just outside JR Akihabara station.


Tokyo Tonteki Yodobashi Akiba



Tokyo Tonteki Yodobashi Akiba is only a minute walk from JR Akihabara station, on the 8th floor (the “restaurant floor”) of Yodobashi Multimedia Akiba.

It is one of only a few restaurants in Tokyo that specializes in tonteki.



There are two types of seats inside, counter and table seats. While a table is more spacious, the counter seats are a popular choice for people coming alone.



This is the standard tonteki. It comes in a lunch set, with thinly shredded cabbage, rice bowl, and miso soup, which is enough food to satisfy most customers.



The meat is incredibly juicy and goes well with rice. The sauce’s lightly sour taste adds freshness and non-oily, light texture makes easy to eat.

There is a lady-size option, good for kids and those who don’t feel particularly hungry.



In Akiba branch, they have an original item on the menu called Baguton. It is a cheese hamburger and lady-size tonteki set. It is great value for money, so we recommend it to anyone who feels up to the challenge.







Regular menu


  • Tonteki set:1580yen(tonteki only:1380yen)
  • Lady- size tonteki set:1280yen(lady-size tonteki only:1080yen)
  • Bagton:1350yen
  • Pork stake set:1300yen(pork stake only 1100yen)
  • Cheese pork stake set:1400yen(cheese pork stake only1200yen)
  • Potato salad:400yen
  • Caesar salad with a soft boiled egg:400yen
  • Rice bowl(big):250yen
  • Rice bowl(medium):150yen
  • Rice bowl(small):100yen
  • Miso soup:150yen


Tokyo Tonteki Yodobashi Akiba



Yodobashi Akiba Bldg.8F, Kandahanaokacho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, 101-0028, Japan

  • 1 minute from JR Akihabara


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