How to Get to Akihabara from Narita Airport

What a lot of travelers don’t realize is that Tokyo Narita Airport is in Chiba which is a not only a different city but it is in a different prefecture. This is why it can take quite some time and effort to go to Akihabara directly.
To make your travel easier, you can have your baggage delivered to your hotel with some services offering the same day delivery. If you would rather take your bags with you, we recommend you use Keisei Skyliner or express trains. 

We are going to introduce to you a few different options with different kinds of transportation. There are big signs in Japanese and English leading to each of them. Just follow the directions closely and if you get lost, don’t hesitate to ask airport employees for help.

We have arranged them from cheapest to the most expensive and included the price and time. Also, the approximate time to the station you need to get off at.


Keisei Tokyo Shuttle – JR


Time: 85 min
Price: ¥1,030

Terminal 2 – Tokyo Station Yeasu Exit-Mae – JR Tokyo Station – Akihabara
This route is the fastest but still is affordable and quite comfortable. The bus stops right in front of Tokyo station and it is close to JR entrance gate. 


  1. Follow the signs to the bus stand
  2. Buy the ticket (Credit cards are accepted) 
              Note that the next bus might be full. If you are in a hurry, reserve a seat in advance.
              One piece of luggage per person.
    3. Get on the bus 
              1h 12 min
   4. Get off at Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit-Mae
   5. Enter Tokyo JR station and board Yamanote line bound for Ueno, Ikebukuro
              3 min
   6. Get off at Akihabara station


Keio Main Line – Toei Shinjuku Line


Time: 84 min
Price: ¥1,080

Terminal 2 – (Keisei Main Line) Motoyawata Station – (Toei Shinjuku Line) Motoyawata Station

As you may have noticed, you will not arrive at Akihabara station but Motoyawata is close by. It is an affordable option if you are not going to Akihabara station but just want to enjoy some sightseeing.

  1. Get on Keisei Main Line
               56 min
  2. Get off at Motoyawata Station
  3. Go to Toei Shinjuku Line and board the train bound for Sasazuka
               31 min
  4. Get off at Iwamotocho Station


Keisei Main Line – JR


Time: 84 min
Price: ¥1,100

  1. Terminal 2 – Keisei Funabashi – JR Funabashi – Akihabara
  2. Get on Keisei Main Line
               49 min
  3. Get off at Funabashi
  4. Walk to JR Funabashi and board JR Chuo train bound for Nakano
              30 min
 5. Get off at Akihabara station


Narita Sky Access Express


TIme: 67 min
Price: ¥1,350
Terminal 2 – Keisei Nippori – JR Nippori – Akihabara

Get on Keisei Express
35~40 min
Get off at Keisei Nippori
3. Walk to JR and board Yamanote line bound for Ueno, Tokyo
7 min


Keisei Skyliner – JR


Time: 54 min
Price: ¥2,550

The good news is that if you are happy to pay for speed, you have Keisei Skyline which will take you to Akihabara in a bit over 40 min. You can book the ticket online. However, you need to exchange it for a voucher before boarding the train.

Get on Keisei Skyliner
35~40 min
Get off at Keisei Nippori
3. Walk to JR and board Yamanote line bound for Ueno, Tokyo
7 min
Get off at Akihabara station


JR Narita Express


Price: 3,070
Narita Airport – Tokyo – Akihabara

Narita Express is convenient and pleasant to ride. However, the ticket is noticeably more expensive.

 1. Board Narita Express
               53 min
  2. Get off at Tokyo Station
  3. Board Yamanote Line bound for Ueno, Ikebukuro
               3 min
4. Get off at Akihabara station

Tokyo is an old beautiful station but, during rush hours, it can be very crowded and a bit difficult to figure the way. This is why we recommend using the alternative routes.