Stay at Traveler’s Most Reliable Hotel in Akihabara – Washington Hotel

We barely mentioned Washington Hotel in one of the previous articles. Today will tell you how to get there and add some useful information.

Washington Hotel is a chain of 26 hotels that first introduced the concept of business hotels. As their name says, business hotels are designed in a way to fit the needs of business travelers. Their main properties are fast wifi, easy accessibility, silent rooms and fast check in/out procedures. In other words, hotels with space and style at an affordable price. It is no wonder they are becoming more popular among tourists as well.

What makes them different from holiday hotels is less family space and the location. Business hotels are closer to business districts, or an airport/station. The reason there is Washington hotel in Akihabara is that there are many office buildings here, so much it is considered to be one of the main business centers in Toy¥kyo.

While small, the rooms in Washington Hotels are modern and furnished efficiently to provide the guests with everything they may need during their stay.
Fos for those in a hurry, they have smart check-in/out machines where you can finish the procedures by yourself instead of waiting during busy hours.

Each floor is secured by a lock that can be opened only by the staff and customers staying on that particular floor. Also, the stuff will provide you with any information about Akihabara you are interested in.

Single rooms ¥11000~
Twin rooms ¥18,000~
Triple rooms ¥23,000~

(Breakfast is included in price)



The main way of making the customer’s stay more luxurious is with satisfying breakfast buffet which menu differs in each hotel. The Akihabara hotels take pride in their vegetable side dishes, curry rice made from original recipe, and homemade desserts.
In case the breakfast is not included in your package, the prices are as follows:

Adults: ¥1,620
Elementary school students: ¥1,080
3~6 year-olds ¥864

Even though it is a bit expensive, you can eat as much as you want and try many different cousins and Washington Hotel original dishes.


How to get to the hotel from Akihabara station


Exit the station through Electric Town Gate and go straight. 

Continue down the street.

At the crossroad turn left and cross the street. You can already see a white, tall building in the background. That is your destination. 

You can easily access the hotel if you use Central gate too. It is conveniently located right in between the two gates. 


Home Page:




1-8-3, Sakuma-Cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0025, Japan